表彰退伍軍人 Honoring Veterans

表彰退伍軍人 Honoring Veterans



We're proud to do our part in honoring our country's veterans, and giving back to those whose sacrifice and patriotism define our great nation. Our duty is to provide you and your family with professional and dignified assistance during your time of need, and to support you in honoring your loved one for their dedication and selfless service.

We would be honored to help you make arrangements for any combination of traditional military tributes.



  • 一名隨軍牧師
  • 由美國退伍軍人協會附屬牧師舉行授旗儀式
  • 在墳場舉行最後的致敬儀式

Traditional Elements & Honors

Standard honor military funerals can include:

  • A military chaplain for family members
  • Flag Presentation Service by the chaplain of the American Legion
  • A Final Salute at the gravesite


  • 根據他們的軍階,即使是一般軍官都會被授予16發鳴槍禮
  • 將美國國旗覆蓋靈柩,儀式完成後將國旗交回給家屬
  • 由號手吹奏軍樂或播放錄音

Full honor military funerals include all standard honors in addition to the following:

  • Depending on their rank, general officers and flag officers receive an 16 gun salute
  • The US flag draped over the casket, and given to the next of kin following the service
  • The playing of Taps by a lone bugler or an audio recording



Other Veteran Benefits

In addition to coordinating honors related to the service itself, we can help you communicate with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to arrange for:


A Presidential Memorial Certificate. This is a certificate expressing the nation's recognition of the veteran's service. The veteran's name is inscribed and the certificate bears the signature of the president. Certificates are issued in the name of honorably discharged, deceased veterans. Contact us for assistance in applying for a Presidential Memorial Certificate, and we would be happy to guide you through the process.


Headstones or Markers. The VA provides headstones and markers for the graves of veterans anywhere in the world and for eligible dependents of veterans buried in national, state veteran or military cemeteries.


Memorial Plots. If an eligible veteran's remains are not available for burial, the VA will provide a plot and headstone or marker in a national cemetery for memorialization. If you wish to place the memorial in a cemetery other than a national cemetery, the VA will provide the headstone or marker but not the plot itself.


Burial in a VA National Cemetery. This includes the gravesite, opening and closing of the grave,a grave box, and perpetual care.


Reimbursement of Burial Expenses. For information on eligibility and the different levels of potential reimbursement, please review their Guide to VA Burial Allowances.



U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. 美國退伍軍人事務部官網。點擊訪問有關退伍軍人安葬儀式以及紀念碑的相關訊息。

Veterans' Funeral and Burial Benefits. 退伍軍人的安葬儀式和相關福利。 由美國退伍軍人事務部所提供的實用信息。

Honoring Those Who Served. 向那些曾經服役的軍人致敬。點擊訪問以獲取更多不同類型的專業軍事葬禮訊息。

Additional Resources

Please visit the following links for detailed information about the options available for honoring service members and other aspects of military funerals:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. Click on Veteran Services and look underneath the Burials & Memorials heading.

Veterans' Funeral and Burial Benefits. Helpful information from Veterans Affairs.

Honoring Those Who Served. An explanation of the various types of honors available for military funerals.

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